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Facilities of the Faculty

Field Science Center

The center consists of four divisions, the Agricultural Science Division, the Livestock Science Division, and the Forest Science Division and the Marine Science Division.
Each division has its corresponding field station, the Kibana Agricultural Science Station (University Farms), Sumiyoshi Livestock Science Station (University Stock Farms), Tano Forest Science Station (University Forests), and Nobeoka Marine Science Station (Fisheries Research Laboratory). The aim of the center is to promote the education and research about the coordination of bio-production and the earth environment. The stations are used to implement education and research programs effectively by practice and experimental courses of the faculty.

Veterinary Teaching Hospital


The Veterinary Teaching Hospital was established in 1953 with the aim of promoting clinical practice, education and research of veterinary medicine. Since then, the hospital has contributed much to the realization of that purpose. In 1985, the hospital moved to the new campus, and was expanded and strengthened by the addition of modern facilities such as ultrasound and X-ray equipments for small and large animals, etc., in order to meet the demands of current research development.

Agricultural Museum


The Agricultural Museum is located in the Kibana campus. Various kinds of specimens are exhibited, for example, native wildlife and fish, skeletons of mammals, blocks of timber, bamboo, seeds of trees, fossils of animals and plants, farming machines of old and modern types, and sections of typical soil composition from Miyazaki area. The museum is available for the study and research of the faculty and students of the University, as well as is opened daily for the public, except Saturday and holidays.