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Kibana Agricultural Science Station

■The station is adjacent to the campus, and total area is 31 ha, including paddy and upland fields. Paddy rice, sweet potato, potato, satsuma mandarin, hyuga-natsu citrus, tomato, cucumber, sweet corn, cabbage, chinese cabbage, broccoli, and so on are cultivated in paddy and upland fields, orchard or greenhouses, and they are sold at the market or university cooperation after harvesting. To offer farm training for students, this station has acquired GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certifications, the JGAP Cereals 2012 and the JGAP Fruits and Vegetables 2010. It is the first GAP-certified university farm in Japan. The certifications will be updated every year. Therefore, students can learned firmly the fundamentals of farming under the fields certified GAP. The curriculum including many farm training are supported for educations or researches of students not only faculty of agriculture but also another faculty. Furthermore, the station is used as a place for agricultural experiences for the children of nursery school, kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools, or as public open lecture for citizen.

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Sumiyoshi Livestock Science Station

■The station is located at the northeast part of the Miyazaki City, 25 km apart from the campus. The facility was founded in 1929 and now covers 50.4 ha, including 39.6 ha of cultivated fields and grassland and 5, 898㎡ of buildings. Approximately 30 dairy cows, 150 beef cattle and 60 pigs are reared in this ranch each year. The station is used to establish and investigate management systems for grassland and animal production that make good use of local characteristics. It also provides practical experience for students of the Departments of Animal and Grassland Science, Veterinary Science and the Vocational Course of Animal Production.

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Tano Forest Science Station

■The station was established in 1937, and has been used for education and research of forestry and forest science. The areas of the station are 502 ha in Tano district and 118 ha in Ohno and Sakita district. Field training courses for students are carried out more than 30 days a year. Research subjects of the stations are as follows;
(1)biogeochemistry of forest ecosystem,
(2)silvicultural studies of old growth Hinoki plantation,
(3)long term ecological research of evergreen broad-leaved forest.

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Nobeoka Marine Science Station

■The station is located in the Nobeoka City. It is about 100 km apart from the Kibana campus. It serves as a facility for practical studies on the marine biology, the development and utilization of fisheries resources and also as a training center for the students. Boats, several sizes of tanks, other instruments in the laboratory and accommodations are available. Research subjects of the station at the present time include ecological studies in coasts and physiological studies on fish production and related projects.

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