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Graduate School of Agriculture Master's Course

Educational Philosophy and Objective of the Graduate School of Agriculture

Alongside the global population surge, even more critical will be the need to constantly ensure a safe and secure source of food. Accordingly, education and research into agriculture, which plays a key role in food supply, must be improved and developed both domestically and globally as an essential field for education and research.
Moreover, the rapidly borderless nature of society, triggered by the trend toward globalization, requires education of human resources capable of actively working across the world. With this in mind, the educational philosophy of the Graduate School of Agriculture is to provide in-depth education to human resources within the Department, solve issues related to food, the environment, resources and life in Japan and abroad, and help mold a society with sustainable production in harmony with the natural environment. Based on this philosophy, the Course aims to foster internationally-minded, highly skilled experts and researchers with advanced expertise and applied skills in agriculture.

Admission Policy for the Graduate School of Agriculture

The Graduate School of Agriculture welcomes students both from Japan and abroad. Students are expected to have the following:

  1. undergraduate-level equivalent expertise and skills related to food, environment, resources, and life;
  2. basic knowledge sufficient to identify problems in constructing a sustainable production society in harmony with the natural environment, probe their causes, and suggest solutions;
  3. sufficient incentive to continue their own actions with cooperativeness and morality to solve those problems and participate actively in the global society; and
  4. presentation and communication skills sufficient to articulate their own ideas logically.

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