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Message from Dean

Hirohiko Kagawa
Hirohiko Kagawa, Prof.
Dean of the Graduate School of Agriculture

Mankind has flourished from generation to generation with the blessings of nature. For mankind to continue to thrive, food needs to be produced sustainably and efficiently while protecting the natural environment. To respond to these challenges, the Graduate School of Agriculture at the University of Miyazaki (UOM) offers education and research opportunities that cover almost every subject in agricultural sciences, including green crops, fruits, horticulture, forestry, grasslands, fisheries, biological functions, processing and application of foods, marine ecosystems, marine production, livestock and feed production, conservation of genetic resources, and advanced veterinary medicine, as well as studies in relevant fields such as agricultural economics and engineering including mechanical development and civil engineering. In addition, the university also owns various facilities where students can learn through hands-on experiences, including a large in-campus farm, one of the largest pasture in western Japan, a research forest consisting of cedar and unique laurels, a fishery research laboratory, a veterinary hospital, and an agricultural museum. UOM also aims to develop a global campus and accepts many international students through global talent development program at an undergraduate level and International Course of Agriculture at the Graduate School level. Courses under these programs are taught exclusively in English, and a global way of thinking can be nurtured through interactions with students of various nationalities. Our expectation is for you to develop into a talent capable of pursuing latest research in agricultural sciences that Japan proudly presents to the world, communicate achievements globally, and contribute to the growing industries that are agriculture, agroforestry, and fishery. Learn the cutting-edge science in agricultural sciences through interactions with kind and warm people in a land rich in natural environment that is Miyazaki, where forests are deep, sunshine is bright, and the sea is clear. Your enthusiasm is necessary for opening an new era.