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(As of Apr1,2018)

Dapartment of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Position Name Degree
Professor OHNO Kazuro D.Agr
Professor ZUSHI Kazufumi D.Agr
Professor TAKESHITA Minoru D.Agr
Professor TETSUMURA Takuya D.Agr
Professor YAMAMOTO Naoyuki D.Agr
Professor YUASA Takashi D.Sc
Associate Professor INABA Takehito D.Agr
Associate Professor INABA Yasuko D.Agr
Associate Professor KANO Hideyuki D.Agr
Associate Professor KINOSHITA Osamu D.Agr
Associate Professor GEJIMA Yoshinori D.Agr
Associate Professor HONSHO Chitose D.Agr
Associate Professor MASUDA Junichiro D.Agr
Assistant Professor KIRIMURA Masaaki D.Agr
Assistant Professor HIYOSHI Kenji D.Agr

Dapartment of Forest and Environmental Sciences

Position Name Degree
Professor ITO Satoshi D.Agr
Professor INAGAKI Hitone D.Agr
Professor KAMEI Ichiro D.Agr
Professor KIJIDANI Yoshio D.Agr
Professor SHIMIZU Osamu D.Agr
Professor TASUMI Masahiro Ph.D
Professor FUJIKAKE Ichiro D.Agr
Professor MITSUDA Yasushi D.Agr
Associate Professor SAKURAI Rin D.Agr
Associate Professor SHINOHARA Yoshinori D.Agr
Associate Professor TAKESHITA Shinichi D.Agr
Associate Professor NAKAZONO Takefumi D.Agr
Assistant Professor
HIRATA Ryoko D.Agr
Assistant Professor OHCHI Shunsuke M.Agr
Assistant Professor TSUYAMA Taku D.Agr

Department of Biochemistry and Applied Biosciences

Position Name Degree
Professor KAWAHARA Satoshi D.Agr
Professor KUNITAKE Hisato Ph.D
Professor SAEKI Yuichi D.Agr
Professor SAKAI Masahiro D.Agr
Professor SAKAKIBARA Hiroyuki Ph.D
Professor SAKAKIBARA Yoichi D.Agr
Professor SAKONO Masanobu D.Agr
Professor YAMASAKI Masao D.Agr
Professor YOSHIDA Naoto D.Eng
Associate Professor INOUE Kengo D.Agr
Associate Professor ETO Nozomu D.Agr
Associate Professor KOUNO Tomoya D.Agr
Associate Professor NAKANISHI Tomonori D.Phar
Associate Professor NISHIYAMA Kazuo D.Agr
Associate Professor HATTORI Hidemi D.M.
Associate Professor HIKIMA Junichi D.Fish Sci
Associate Professor HIRANO Tomonari D.Agr
Associate Professor YAMAMOTO Akihiro D.Agr
Assistant Professor KIYOSHI Keiji Ph.D
Assistant Professor KUROGI Katsuhisa D.Agr

Department of Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences

Position Name Degree
Professor ITAMI Toshiaki D.Agr
Professor IWATSUKI Yukio D.Agr
Professor KAGAWA Hirohiko D.Fish Sci
Professor TANAKA Ryusuke D.Agr
Professor HATATE Hideo D.Agr
Professor HAYASHI Masahiro D.Agr
Professor YOSHIDA Terutoyo D.Fish Sci
Associate Professor TAOKA Yousuke D.Fish Sci
Associate Professor NAGANO Naoki D.Agr
Associate Professor FUKAMI Hironobu D.Fish Sci
Associate Professor URBANCZYK, Henryk D.Sc
Assistant Professor MIYANISHI Hiroshi D.Sc
Assistant Professor MURASE Atsunobu D.Marine Sci

Department of Animal and Grassland Sciences

Position Name Degree
Professor AKASHI Ryo D.Agr
Professor IEIRI Seiji D.Agr
Professor ISHII Yasuyuki D.Agr
Professor KAWASHIMA Tomoyuki D.Agr
Professor TSUZUKI Yasuhiro D.Agr
Professor HIRATA Masahiko D.Agr
Associate Professor IGUCHI Atsushi D.Agr
Associate Professor ISHIDA Takafumi D.Agr
Associate Professor IDOTA Sachiko D.Agr
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI Toshihiro D.Agr
Associate Professor TOBISA Manabu D.Agr
Assistant Professor
SAKAMOTO Shinsuke D.Sc
Assistant Professor ANZAI Hiroki D.Agr
Assistant Professor TOKUNAGA Tadaaki D.Agr
Assistant Professor NIIMI Mitsuhiro D.Agr

Department of Veterinary Sciences

Position Name Degree
Professor ASANUMA Taketoshi DVM
Professor IKEDA Masahiro D.M.
Professor OSAWA Takeshi DVM
Professor KATAMOTO Hiromu DVM
Professor SUEYOSHI Masuo DVM
Professor NAKAHARA Keiko D.Agr
Professor NONAKA Nariaki DVM
Professor NORIMINE Junzo DVM
Professor HIDAKA Yuichi DVM
Professor MISAWA Naoaki DVM
Professor YASUDA Masahiro DVM
Professor YAMAGUCHI Ryoji D.Agr
Distinguished Professor GOTO Yoshitaka D.Agr
Distinguished Professor MURAKAMI Noboru D.Agr
Associate Professor OKABAYASHI Tamaki DVM
Associate Professor KITAHARA Go DVM
Associate Professor SATO Hiroyuki DVM
Associate Professor SEKIGUCHI Satoshi DVM
Associate Professor NISHINO Koichiro D.Agr
Assosiate Professor HIRAI Takuya DVM
Associate Professor YAMAZAKI Wataru DVM
Associate Professor YOSHIDA Ayako D.M
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor ANO Hitoshi DVM
Assistant Professor ARAI Yoshikazu D.Agr
Assistant Professor INOUE Yoshiyuki DVM
Assistant Professor UEMURA Ryouko DVM
Assistant Professor KIRINO Yumi DVM
Assistant Professor SONODA Hiroko DVM

Field Science Center

Position Name Degree
Professor UCHIDA Katsuhisa D.Sc
Professor NISHIWAKI Aya D.Agr
Assistant Professor
MATSUO Mitsuhiro D.Agr
Associate Professor KOBAYASHI Ikuo DVM
Professor TAKAGI Masahiro D.Agr
Assistant Professor

Agricultural Museum

Position Name Degree
Professor UDATSU Tetsuro D.Agr

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Position Name Degree
Professor NAGANOBU Kiyokazu DVM
Professor TORISU Sidou DVM
Assistant Professor KANEKO Yasuyuki DVM